Benesch’s approach to white collar, government investigations and regulatory compliance matters is twofold: to assist clients first and foremost to understand and mitigate areas of potential risk before problems can occur as well as to vigorously defend their interests when necessary. Our attorneys are counselors, first, who provide sound, proactive advice to clients based on comprehensive, inside-out understanding of their businesses—their history, strategic priorities, where they want to go, and where they can’t afford to go. But if problems, investigations or litigation arise, our team, including former prosecutors and veteran trial lawyers, are highly skilled and experienced in achieving favorable outcomes for our clients.

Prevention through experience and industry insight

Operating in compliance with applicable laws and regulations is an everyday activity for businesses. But there’s another aspect that is just as essential: avoidance. Given the scope, scale and potential for business disruption and significant costs, organizations should be doing what they can to not only comply but also avoid problems before they can arise.

If companies wait too long to obtain guidance, the available options are less promising, more painful, and can be notably more expensive. Benesch’s proactive approach to risk avoidance—the GRACE Initiative (Government Regulatory Avoidance Compliance Enforcement)—involves clients in early assessment and intervention to prevent problems before they can arise. This approach leverages not only the deep industry, legal, and investigatory knowledge and experience of our attorneys but also our clients’ deep knowledge of their industry and business, including practices, risks and threats. By working collaboratively, we assist our clients in building a strong foundation of effective, compliant business practices.

Rigorous defense whenever and wherever necessary

The wrong response to a subpoena, audit letter, records request or civil investigative demand can create ripple effects that consume your attention and disrupt the future of your business. Our White Collar, Government Investigations and Regulatory Compliance team has experience in all manner of federal and state investigations, prosecutions, and regulatory compliance efforts and represents both individuals and corporations. Benesch’s team provides advice, policy review, defense strategy and vigorous defense during all critical stages of representation.

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