Benesch intellectual property litigators are, first and foremost, seasoned litigators. Our team understands and is experienced with ins and outs of the trial system, and applies this experience to the nuanced world of intellectual property litigation. As a result, we have an intellectual property practice that successfully represents clients across the country in patent, copyright, trademark and trade secret matters.

Our team has litigated cases from coast-to-coast, including in venues where intellectual property cases are most often brought such as the Eastern District of Texas, the District of Delaware, the Northern District of Illinois and various districts in New York and California. Our experience extends from basic non-practicing entity defense work to representation of a competitor in complex, multi-faceted competitor intellectual property battles. We also try cases in state courts, the U.S. Court of Appeals and the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

Benesch’s approach is different than most other firms. Rather than stick to the standard process, we work with our clients early on to identify themes and understand business goals. We then implement a strategy to position our clients for early resolution through tactical maneuvering of the litigation. Indeed, we have strong track record of identifying weaknesses in the opposing party's position and crafting strategies to bring them to a head early in the process. Our goal from the start is to reduce our clients’ risk profile and avoid the cost of a trial if at all possible. That said, we are trial lawyers. This fact comes across in the quality and creativity of our work product, further assisting our clients as our adversaries understand from the beginning that we welcome the opportunity to bring our story to the trier of fact if they are amenable to alternative resolution.

Benesch's team is one that you will be proud to have representing your company. Our Intellectual Property Litigation Group is comprised of a diverse set of attorneys with varying technical background and extensive courtroom expertise. We are not only registered patent attorneys, but versed in understanding the client goals and implementing short and long-term strategies to accomplish them. In short, Benesch's Intellectual Property team produces positive results on a consistent basis for our clients.

Our Intellectual Property Practice Group is a full-service practice, also offering patent prosecution, freedom to operative advice, design around alternatives and monetization programs.