Insurance companies work aggressively through a deep network of insurance coverage attorneys. Policyholders require experienced and aggressive lawyers that do not have a conflict of interest because of their primary representation of insurers. Our understanding and experience in the insurance industry as well as insurers’ motivations and policy choices can be a strategic advantage to our clients.

All businesses have their own distinct risks and liability exposures. Your goal: To eliminate, decrease or transfer those risks effectively and in a manner that adds value to your bottom line. Our insurance practice can ensure you meet those goals with an appropriate assessment of your risks, and advise concerning the purchase of correct coverage at a competitive cost. We offer:

  • Risk analysis at the time of your insurance policy purchase or renewal
  • Panel counsel designations(s)
  • Knowledge of qualified insurance brokers with the right experience in particular industry coverage
  • Knowledge of cost-saving procedures and personnel
  • Risk management procedures that will assist your company in limiting your liability exposure

Our attorneys will assist you with choosing the right coverage and professionals to assess your particular risks and establish risk reduction and cost-saving protocols. We have the knowledge, commitment and experience to represent your interests and set you up early to achieve your goals.