Benesch’s Not-for-Profit Team assists not-for-profit and tax-exempt clients in a broad array of matters, ranging from filing for nonprofit status and preparing federal and state tax exemption applications to training in not-for-profit regulatory compliance. Our not-for-profit attorneys are committed to protecting our clients’ assets so that they can continue to drive the missions and goals of their organizations.

Not-for-profit attorneys experienced in dispute resolution, taxation, public affairs and nonprofit regulatory compliance

Benesch’s Not-for-Profit Team counsels and represents a wide range of not-for-profit organizations. These organizations contend with a variety of obstacles, from managing not-for-profit regulatory compliance issues to establishing fundraising foundations, navigating IRS and state attorney general oversight and securing public funding sources.

The challenges in the not-for-profit world are plentiful, and our attorneys have the experience to tackle them head on. Benesch’s not-for-profit attorneys are actively involved in lobbying for not-for-profit organizations. In the past, our members have represented the interests of the Ohio Alliance of YMCA’s in a wide range of matters from child care to camping and the Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations (OANO) and its member organizations in negotiations over public funds contracting and accountability legislation.

In addition, Benesch’s attorneys are regularly involved in legal not-for-profit issues regarding:

• State property tax exemptions
• Licensure and certification
• Compliance with Medicare and Medicaid
• Reimbursement and compliance matters
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Dissolutions
• Restructuring and reorganizations
• Tax exempt and conventional financing
• Development and construction

Highly ranked in not-for-profit law and charities law

Benesch received a first-tier ranking in Columbus, OH, in the area of not-for-profit/charities law by the 2015 edition of The Best Lawyers in America, a referral guide of U.S. attorneys that is universally regarded as the definitive guide to legal excellence in the U.S.