Our attorneys understand the personal nature of estate planning and strive to design plans tailored to each client’s individual needs. To accomplish our clients’ goals, we implement a wide-variety of estate planning tools both during life and at death. These tools, including irrevocable trusts and family entities, aim to leverage a client’s estate, gift and generation skipping transfer tax exemptions to transfer wealth in a tax efficient manner that is also protected from creditors. Our attorneys also fix old estate plans, including the modification of irrevocable trust agreements through decantings and settlement agreements.

Many of our clients are corporate executives and active investors, such as serial entrepreneurs, principals in private equity and venture capital funds, real estate developers and family offices. These clients are a focus of our estate planning practice because each grant of ownership or new venture provides an opportunity to restructure and review the management of their wealth. For these clients, our attorneys design and implement tax-efficient structures through which the family’s wealth is invested and managed. Our attorneys serve as the family’s counsel and advise in identifying the source of funds and structure of future investment activity.