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Creating a Culture of Introductions

March 21, 2018


We all do it. We get on the elevator with someone we believe is a colleague, but we don’t know the person’s name, office or department, or how long he or she has worked here. So we start looking at our phone and hope the moment passes quickly.

Being new and learning the lay of the land in a new office can be challenging. Since I’ve joined the firm, I have had many long-term Benesch team members say that they are challenged with knowing who people are because we have had such a dynamic growth over the last year. Our growth is amazing, but it can pose a risk to the tight relationships we have as a firm. So, to address this, as many companies have this issue, I’d like to suggest that you create a Culture of Introductions.

That sounds fancy, doesn’t it?

It’s really just a simple practice of introducing yourself to someone new, whenever and wherever you see that person. As I’ve walked around our offices, I’ve tried to introduce myself to every new face I see. I have been surprised at how many people shake my hand, offer their first name, and then keep moving. This leaves me wondering ‘Which Matt did I just meet? And what area or office is he from?’

Get to know your colleagues—you’re a team and the most important assets of your company! Introduce yourself: your first and last name, what group you are a part of, and maybe which office you work in, if you are visiting from another office.

I’ll start: Hi! I’m Liz Gillmore, I’m the Chief Human Resource Officer, and I’m located in the Cleveland office. Now, it’s your turn!

For more information, contact Liz Gillmore, Chief Human Resource Officer, or (216) 363-6286.