Benesch’s Appellate Litigation Team extends the firm’s strong litigation practice and extensive subject-matter expertise. The team serves as a resource for litigators at the trial court-level by making sure that key issues are preserved for appeal and by helping to tailor the litigators’ arguments to the broader legal themes that resonate with appellate tribunals. On appeal, the Appellate Litigation Team protects our litigators’ hard-fought victories and helps our clients correct bad decisions by trial courts, often taking over for other firms.

Benesch’s appellate litigators offer a new set of eyes and a fresh perspective on any given case, but with the same client focus and commitment to excellence that our clients know to expect from Benesch lawyers. Led by Michael Meuti, a former Sixth Circuit clerk and Ohio Deputy Solicitor, the Appellate Litigation Team is staffed with litigators from top colleges and law schools whose analytical skills match their credentials.